View Full Version : October BOTM voting!

01 Nov 2012, 16:23
This voting is for boards nominated in October 2012.

Voting will run until November 30th 2012.

We will have 4 slots for voting this month.

The following boards recieved 1 second and will be in the poll this Month:

1) Site Name: MeHost Community
URL: http://community.mehost.co.uk

2) Site Name: CAGCLAN.com
URL: http://www.cagclan.com/community/forum.php

3) Site Name: CaptiveReefs.com
URL: http://www.captivereefs.com/

4) Site Name: Car-Builds.com
URL: http://www.car-builds.com (http://www.car-builds.com/)

Lets get voting!!!

01 Dec 2012, 10:32
Congrats to http://www.captivereefs.com/!