View Full Version : [ Fixed] Change vb5 back to default style/layout/template?

27 Dec 2012, 15:18
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I was testing out new tabs in the upper navigation menu. Changed the layout of a new tab, not knowing [home] would be overwritten too! Sad enough, the whole layout blew up and resulted into a weird layout. I tried to switch layouts but the forum layout seems not to appear in the list of styles/templates.

Any idea how to revert back to the default style, as if you would pull a clean install?

How my forum currently looks like;

How Id like to set it back;

Hope anyone has a sollution regarding this issue. Thanks in advance!
Best regards,


27 Dec 2012, 16:18
A followup on this matter; figured that Activity Stream contains the forum module. Therefore managed to fix the issue. This topic can be closed now.