View Full Version : Is it just me? Or...

The Guy
31 Dec 2012, 19:01
I know that vBulletin 5 Connect is still rather new, in fact, in beta obviously.

But from what I am seeing over the months is pretty devastating for programmers and theamers like myself is looking at the new Connect in worry that they won't be able to modify as they wish they did.

For example, I am looking at vB5 like IB has made it to where they are limiting the modifications to the software. It seems though its getting slower and slower in that department of open modding. So things might slow down drastically for new themes and mods for the brand new vBulletin.

I'm not sure if you guy's follow of what I am saying... but it just seems limited of what you used to do back than.

Of course though this is my matter in opinion.

08 Jan 2013, 04:19
Over the holiday, I tried some FB programming. What a PITA and the results kind of suck from a design/usability point of view.