View Full Version : edit module_content_background color

02 Jan 2013, 21:06
Can anyone tell me how to edit this ?
When I try to edit module_content_background color It does not have an effect on it how can i edit this.
I am trying to change the back ground color of the html modules / widgets ... the drag down modules..Module Content background

02 Jan 2013, 21:31
link to site and screenshot

03 Jan 2013, 10:54
module_content_background is mislabeled module_content_bg in the css file. So changing module_content_background in stylevars will do nothing.

04 Jan 2013, 13:36
I would suggest getting yourself a copy of Firebug, (http://getfirebug.com/downloads) it takes a little learning but it will help you solve many issues.

I don't know much myself but getting this piece of kit and using it is often more productive than waiting for replies. You will learn lots.

I understand also the need for answers or solutions, I am still asking questions myself but now, I am answering most of the questions myself. My posts now are for the seemingly more insolvable things of which there are now few due to Firebug. (http://getfirebug.com/downloads)