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01 Feb 2013, 11:50
This is the nomination thread for Board of the Month of February 2013!

Please note the BOTM Rules here:
http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/info.php?do=botm (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/info.php?do=botm)

The rules for this thread:
Only post nominations or seconds, no chatter.
All seconds are to be placed in 1 post, with a max of 3.
All seconds should include the word "second" or "+1".
All posts must be in English.Please abide by these rules or your post will be removed.

Nominations will be accepted until the last day of February 2013 (Close to midnight- maybe a few hours earlier, maybe a few hours later. There is no exact time.)

When nominating please post the site name, URL to the forum, a short description what makes your board stand out from default vBulletin, and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination. If the staff feels that a nomination post is too promotional it will be edited accordingly.

Any sites without a name, URL, description and reason for nomination will NOT be entered into the poll. Please ensure that your nomination is in the format:

Originally Posted by Sample Nomination
Site Name: vBulletin.org
URL: http://www.vbulletin.org (http://www.vbulletin.org/) - this must be clickable and a real URL (One link only.)
Description: Official vBulletin Modifications Site
Reason for Nomination: Not Nominated. This is an example nomination.
DO NOT STRAY FROM THE ABOVE FORMAT. Save your creativity for your FORUM- this is not the place for it.

When seconding sites, please ensure that you use the same post for the maximum of 3 allowed seconds. Any seconds not located in your first seconding post will not be counted. Please also ensure that you quote the nomination post you are seconding in your post (Use Multi-Quote Option if you are nomination multiple boards). If there is no name or URL provided then the post will be ignored when the nominations are counted.

Also, please make sure that you are seconding a forum that has already been nominated by its forum owner. Any seconds for a forum that has not been nominated yet will be counted as null and void.

You MUST enter the URL to your forum in the "URL:" line. DO NOT put a link with your site's name. Your entry will be rejected. Only 1 link is allowed.

You MUST put all your seconds in ONE post. If that means editing your original post to add more seconds, then DO it. We throw out seconds that are made in multiple posts.

Please post only nominations or seconds, NO "Thank you" posts are needed, they clutter the thread and will be DELETED.

IMPORTANT inquiries regarding the BOTM Contests should be sent via PM to Roms, BirdOPrey5, or an Administrator.

Code Geass
01 Feb 2013, 23:43
Site Name: Gta-Arab
URL: http://www.gta-arabs.com/gt
Description: Grand Arab: This site is specialized in all GTA game edition, by professionals and designers, providing for all members and players all the lessons and additions to the game
Reason for Nomination: That the Arab and exclusive site only to support the game and has a staff of professional designers and programmers of the game and has many of the servers of the game and has the exclusive Style Forum

I apologize because I do not know English good

03 Feb 2013, 04:38
Site Name: Zealot Gaming

URL: http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/forum.php

Description: Zealot Gaming is a mulit-platform gaming community that fosters friendship and friendly gaming. We're a clan that supports various games and is always growing. In just over we've grown to over 350 members, and seek to encourage loyalty, integrity, and zeal while gaming. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that enhances the gaming experience and attempts to banish the negatives such as raging and flaming.

Reason for Nomination:

While we are not the biggest site, we have a lot of things that highlight our members and encourage friendly gaming. Our combination of mods encourages constant activity and helps our members feel like part of a larger gaming community, not simply a giant chat room. We're a successful site and a successful clan!

04 Feb 2013, 06:25
Site Name: Offwalk - An international off topic forums

URL: http://www.offwalk.com

Description: International off topic, general chat and discussion forum. A place to meet and make new friends. Relaxing and refreshing platform for online community.

Reason for Nomination:

- Spam free community
- Unique contents
- Friendly staff and members
- Simple and easy to browse
- Growing community
- Offering many interesting special features


04 Feb 2013, 10:46
Site name - Platboyonline

URL - http://www.platboyonline.com/forum.php

Description - A Playstation 3 / Girl gaming characters themed website - A forum which discusses all the latest ps3 news but will covers other subjects time to time such as sports and films. It also shows off gaming characters with platmates of the month etc.

Reason for Nomination: The site is just over 8 days old and alot of time and effort has gone into it

- Lots of friendly staff
- Chat forum
- Chat Room
- Site Awards
- Covers girl gaming characters
- Up to date ps3 news
- Minimal Spamming
- Many add ons and mods
- Facebook and twitter pages

04 Feb 2013, 23:05
Site Name: Egyptian news
URL: http://www.fdfda.net
Description: educational site , fresh news related to middle east
Reason for Nomination: This site is for all Egyptian people who are interested in news , educational results , comic comments , all posts are in Arabic and we are interested in unique content

05 Feb 2013, 23:45
Site Name: XiTCLUB - IT Learning & Entertainment
URL: http://www.xitclub.com
Description: Free vBulletin Themes, Free Urdu video Tutorials, Tv Shows & Dramas, Education Stuff & Much more, 20K+ Members & 46K+ Posts
Reason for Nomination: We are making free themes for vBulletin, Free Urdu Tutorials on Web Development & Many others, Providing Best Notes For Education, All Attachments and details visible for guests no need of registration

05 Feb 2013, 23:47
hey +1
Plus one
Site Name: XiTCLUB - IT Learning & Entertainment
URL: http://www.xitclub.com
Description: Free vBulletin Themes, Free Urdu video Tutorials, Tv Shows & Dramas, Education Stuff & Much more, 20K+ Members & 46K+ Posts
Reason for Nomination: We are making free themes for vBulletin, Free Urdu Tutorials on Web Development & Many others, Providing Best Notes For Education, All Attachments and datais visible for guests no need of registration

12 Feb 2013, 16:12
Site Name: Monster Mayhem

URL: http://www.monstermayhem.org (http://www.monstermayhem.org/)

Description: The worlds largest monster truck community. Widely known and visited by more fans and industry related persons then any other.

Reason for Nomination:

- Feature rich based site
- Spam free community (we work hard a this)
- Unique niche based content not found any other place in the world
- Dedicated and friendly staff covering multiple time zones

- Incredibly knowledgeable members (simply amazing what they know)
- Simple and easy to browse
- Growing community

19 Feb 2013, 03:55
Site Name: Filmmaker Forum
URL: http://www.filmmakerforum.org
Description: A community to discuss filmmaking
Reason for Nomination: I have been working on this for a year straight, and I thought I would give this a shot, I feel my site give valuable information and I hope you enjoy.

22 Feb 2013, 14:37
Site Name:All Round Forum
URL: http://www.allroundforum.net
Description: A Complete Forum for Students
Reason for Nomination:It is complete forum for students which includes almost everything which is necessary for students.An engineering students can discuss their queries,download previous year papers/sample papers/EBooks for free.A students who is learning programming can discuss their problems as well.We have a different section for that.A part from all these,we have technology and competitive exam forum as well.The best part of our forum is the quick reply from members or site staffs.

28 Feb 2013, 00:11
Site Name: LOGECT

URL: http://www.logect.com/

Description: LOGECT - Offers a SEO web directory and free web tools.

Reason for Nomination:

- Custom style/Design
- Mobile/tablet style for all sections
- SEO friendly style
- Coockie less, css sprite, support browser IE: 7,8,9+ Firefox: 3+, Chrome: all
- integrating custom plugins and contents

01 Mar 2013, 13:22
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