View Full Version : display newest first?

jon mutiger
18 Mar 2013, 00:14
I recently had VB 5.0 installed. And a major complaint from my users is that the posts aren't displayed with the order they like. They used to be able to display the newest first once opening a thread, and in this new version I can't seem to find the option for this.

Can you guys let me know how I can do this? Or is it currently unsupported in this version?

Thanks in advance.


www.bluemountainmotorcycleclub.com/forum is where we have it.

18 Mar 2013, 00:46
If they go into the thread and click Lastest Activity instead of Posts (those are the two tabs at the top of the module), then it shows the very first post and then the lastest posts. They can set this as their default in User Settings > Account > Display mode > Stream View.