View Full Version : Spam Protection Tips for vBulletin

18 Apr 2013, 20:40
Here i am sharing some spam Protection tips that i have personally used! For peoples who got hundreds of spam threads/posts from bots type users.

1st We start with vBulletin Default Options

1: Make a New Group Based on "Registered Members" Group and name it whatever you like, eg: Verified Users, Active Members. and Turn ON Thrrad Posting For this usergroup.

2: Turn of thread posting for "Registered Member" unless they reply in 5 or some Threads.

3: Make a new "Promotion" in Usergroups>Promotions.
User Group = Registered Member
Set Reputation = Level to 100 or something you like,
Days Registered = 1 or greater.
Posts = 5
Promotion Type = Primary UserGroup.
Reputation Comparison Type = Greater of Equal
Move User to Usergroup= Verified Users or The UserGroup You Created in Step1

4: Now here we need a 3rd Party Plugin. Install Spam-O-Matic Plugin By Glowhost n your forum and activate it. You can get this plugin from vb.org

Hope this will control spamming on your forum

19 Apr 2013, 12:27
great tips!