View Full Version : Long way from being prime time

25 Apr 2013, 00:00
I've had vb5connect up and running for about a week now and based on my experiences it isn't ready for prime time yet although it does show promise.

25 Apr 2013, 01:54
I hate to wait :mad:

25 Apr 2013, 01:56
Yes, the dev team is aware that there are several issues with the software and they are working hard to work on these issues in the next few releases.

25 Apr 2013, 03:23
Here are the things I've run into.

1. Takes lots more resources and VBulletin Installers couldn't install it on my previous host. My previous host wouldn't host it unless I went to a dedicated server.

2. I found another host and installed it myself at at times I am assuming it can't get the resources because I get frequent "Internal Server errors" or apparently insufficient resources to apply the CSS to the pages.

3. Certain colors are very difficult to modify because they are in a graphic file.

4. RSS doesn't work correctly and that is a known issue scheduled to be fixed at some point in the future.

Lynne and the rest of the support team have been great but they have a tough job at the moment so I don't envy their jobs.

Just lots of headaches. I will stick it out and hope for better unless it gets to be too big of a headache and then - Anyone know a reverse conversion back to VB4?

28 Apr 2013, 10:48
Also considering going back to 4.0. :~/