View Full Version : Vbulletin's CKEditor

katie hunter
06 Jun 2013, 13:31

I'd like to know what did VB do to get these things working

1. With the magnifying glass of the default CKEditor, it opens in a new browser window http://ckeditor.com/demo#full (3rd icon, first row). But i actually like to find a way to have it open in a pop up like how VB made it with their "Preview" button. How have they done it?

2. Another issue, how did VB figured out a way in order for users to right click on the mouse in order to paste. The current CKEditor demo, if you try to right click to paste, would show this weird pop up box. http://ckeditor.com/demo#ui-color

3. Last, I'd like to know how VB stripped/removed the txt "Source" and left only the icon.

4. The last issue i have with the CKEditor is how to upload custome fonts like sans-serif, roboto etc.. and add it to the editor drop down menu? I read many threads via google but none worked :l

CKEditor community/forum is dead so there wasn't much help.