View Full Version : Some questions regarding vb5 configration.

15 Jun 2013, 23:59
Hey guys, I have some questions regarding vB5.

*I don't really like how the Online Users are displayed right now, i see avatars instead of names. Any way to change that back to names? - I've FIXED it, for those who still want to know you can edit the online users module on the new Page Editor.

*Any way to toggle the Advanced editor on new thread and comments by default?


16 Jun 2013, 00:01
Site Builder > Edit Page > Edit that module, set it to not show avatars.

No, there is currently no way to toggle it on by default.

16 Jun 2013, 00:09
Thanks again Lynne.
Would be great to have this option or a mod that does that. Guess ill just wait.