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Christine Car
22 Jun 2013, 17:17
Just posted this on VB.com, but i usually get quicker answers on here


.Hi, I am a Admin a licenced Admin on VB4 and now helping out as a licenced VB5 Admin on a New Forum set to be opened to public fairly soon, The VB5 appears to have a few problems from what i can see,
So can anyone suggest a fix or tell me whether i need to open a Support Ticket to get it fixed..

1.. Access Masks is Enabled in the General Setting in AdminCP, but if i changed the settings for access on a Users Profile and check back after saving the setting it is still set as default, so Access Masks is Not working .

2.. The Admin and Mod Links for the CP are missing from bottom right hand corner, but were there a week ago..

3.. Signatures.. 2 Members have these set with a link from Photobucket, These will show up as their signature whenever they feel like it. Does that member nees to be Logged in for other members to view it..

4.. How can i get the Sub Nav-bar visible to all members, It only shows for Admin..

5.. Should the URL setting in Admin CP have /core at the end, as on my VB4 Forum is doesnt, but note the VB5 mentions core in its description.

6.. Why when viewing the forum with /index.php i can see the Side Nav-Bars on the forum, but when viewing the forum as /forum the Side Nav-Bars are not visible.. Using the Forum button to view is a Blank Page as i am told the Forum is set up on the Host Server so no Public can View until the launch unless they add /index.php

7.. Is there a Tab for uploads from photobucket , or can it be created..

8.. Have been asked if a GARAGE Link is coming to VB5 , Been told it is available on Earlier VBs , so a member can click the Tab and it takes them to that members Full Details of their Ride etc..

Really appreciate any help on any of these questions,


22 Jun 2013, 17:29
1. http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBV-1238
2. They are added/removed via Site Builder > Footer
3. Several bugs regarding sigs like this one - http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBV-5829
4. Site Builder > Navigation Bar > click Edit pencil next to link > click Edit under Usergroups and set them up there.
5. Yes, it should have /core at the end
6. Links?
7. There is no default tab to upload to photobucket. You would need to create it.
8. I have no idea about that.

Christine Car
22 Jun 2013, 21:49
Thanks Lynne ,
First class service as usual..

I will see what i can repair..

Christine Car
03 Jul 2013, 22:14
Although i am finding many features Not working on VB5, I am sure i read here a solution to this next issue but cannot find it now..

The Online Users module.
It is never correct as i can see another member online by their latest post, but the forum only shows me online, also below that there is Most Members Online, and that seems to Zero itself every 2 days, so today it shows 2 and yesterday it showed 4, Is there a tab for this in AdminCP , I have looked but cannot find anythng,

Also how do i alter the default for Number of Threads per Topics page, It is currently set as 10 and i want to change it to 20 , I know it can be changed per user settings by the User themselves, but want to change the default..

Also our "Mark Channels Read " function doesnt work, I have noticed the URL link is broken/Wrong, It is set as our Domain/# .. What is the correct URL to use following the /

Thanks in Advance

03 Jul 2013, 23:13
You would set the Number of Threads by going to Site Builder > Edit Page > edit the module and set it there.

The other issues are all in Jira, I believe. Have you tried searching in there for them?

Christine Car
03 Jul 2013, 23:44
What Module would it be on Lynne, as cant see it on there , I get a option on latest activity that resembles what i want .

Also what is Jira, I am not to savvy on all of this and learnt most i know from asking questions on here about our VB4 forum.

Thankyou ..

04 Jul 2013, 03:50
vbulletin.com is the official vbulletin site. The bug tracker is called Jira. All bugs are logged in there. You need to login to the vbulletin.com forums first in order to view Jira.

If you go to a thread page and hit Site Builder > Edit Page, the module should be called something like Conversation Detail Module.

Christine Car
06 Jul 2013, 18:03
Thanks again Lynne

I managed to change Posts per page and Topics per thread page from default 10 to 20, Forum looks much better now,

Also voted on some tracker repairs on VB.com via Jira