View Full Version : Running V5 as a test alongside V4

06 Jul 2013, 16:16
Hi all,

I have a V5 licence that I purchased a while ago but decided to use V4 until V5 had matured a bit.

Now I want to give V5 a go but I don't want to disrupt the V4 forum.

Is there a way to run V5 as a clone of the V4 forum using the same database so that I can test V5 with live data without screwing up the existing V4 forum?


Christine Car
06 Jul 2013, 18:00
The only way to accomplish that would maybe have your server duplicate your database and have it set up as a Test Forum, Then upgrade the test forum to VB5.. From there you can then test the VB5 without disruption,
I would wait until further Upgrade on VB5 before upgrading your Live forum,,

I have admin access to a VB4 and VB5 forum, at this time VB4 runs better until all these Bugs are resolved on VB5.. once that happens VB5 should be great.