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25 Jul 2013, 05:03
So, i have a board that has been around for awhile and it has died off since facebook. But, I want to keep it up as a historical type of site. It was a site about the local and regional dj scene from the midwest. I am wanting to catalog information and wanted to know if there are mods out there that allow the following:

Gallery i can upload photos to that can be tagged. The photos will be a flyer for an event and any photos taken at the event. I would prefer if people could be tagged, even labeled as 'performed' or 'attended'.

If you click on a 'performer' it would show a list of downloads belonging to them (mixsets).

If you are looking at a performers mixsets, it would display a list of events they performed at.

So, flyers tagged with performers, attendees, downloads all interracting with each other as well as a calendar.

Its been awhile since i messed with the site and any mods, so any direction is appreciated.

25 Jul 2013, 05:39
Are you really referring to a possible VB5 modification?

25 Jul 2013, 05:42
oops, may have posted in the wrong forum. sorry, like i said, it has been awhile.

i think im running 3.8 but may upgrade if newer mods will do this.