View Full Version : Vbulleting 5.0.3 loads slow :(

02 Aug 2013, 06:14

I don't know why my site loads slow, http://www.riversidegaming.com I've tried to remove modules like twitter feed,Facebook module and stuff like that but my site still loads slow. Is there a way to optimize this to make it load faster or what is the reason why it loads slow? I know Vbulletin is a huge script but I've seen other sites that is loading faster.

Please help.

03 Aug 2013, 14:46
I'm guessing you just recently setup the forum?

I also setup my forum on vbulletin 5, but after finding the number of themes and mods to be small, the system riddled with bugs and lacking major features as well as the biggest problem of it being incredibly slow!

So I switched to vbulletin 4, I have a much better website, the theme is great looks way better than vb5 you can get any look you want as there are themes for anything (there are very good gaming ones).
Mods are amazing I can get any feature I can think of done.

And importantly - it is waaaay faster.

Take my advice - switch to vbulletin 4.