View Full Version : Upgrading to 5.0.4

03 Aug 2013, 18:14
Anyone upgraded yet to the latest and greatest?

Any problems?

05 Aug 2013, 04:27
Upgraded from a older beta version of 5.0.0, many issues along the way. Had to progressively upgrade from 5.0.0 beta 19 to 5.0.0 RC, then to 5.0.1 and finally to 5.0.4. Each time I encountered XML processing issues. After a day of working on this, dropping my database numerous times and dealing with the XML nonsense I finally got into the admincp for 5.0.4 only to find that the channel management is broken and has wiped several of my forum sections.

I had a internal admin section on my forum which went invisible after the upgrade. I then reset the permissions and the forum section disappeared from my forum list in the admincp. I can do a search for permissions (YES/NO list) and I can see the broken/missing sections listed there but I can't see them anywhere else. Very frustrating experience I must say.

3.7.2 was easier to use then this.

kiba snowpaw
06 Aug 2013, 13:22
after i update from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 i got a error
Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.
this error happen every time i post somthing on my forum or try to read my post in my help Topic