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14 Aug 2013, 15:41

I was using vBulletin 4 with aMemeber, I upgraded to vBulletin 5 and I am using the latest aMember plugin but there is one thing that doesn't work which is the login/register links in vBulletin 5.

There are no hooks anymore to change as there were in vb4. The other functionality of the amember plugin is working correctly:
1. aMember add/remove users from vBulletin on signup/expiration.
2. user is logged in to vBulletin after login into aMember and vice versa.

Can any one give me some details as to where and how I could manually edit these links in the vBulletin styles/templates login.

I think this would need to better to modified in header template rather than in login templates. Can anyone tell me where I could add the redirects and comment out the iframe login.
In the Style Manager there is:
login Templates
login redirect

the login_form seems to be called in the header here:

<li class="username-container h-right">
<span id="lnkLoginSignupMenu">{vbhrase login_or_sign_up}</span>
<li id="idLoginIframeContainer">
{vb:set currentUrl, {vb:raw baseurl}}
{vb:strcat currentUrl, {vb:raw page.url}}
<iframe id="idLoginIframe" src="{vb:raw baseurl_login}/auth/login-form" ></iframe>

I tried to provide some details above, but would appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance!

14 Aug 2013, 18:48
I would contact amember directly and inquire about an upgrade script of amember compatible with vB5, at the moment I'm unsure if there is a current amember version compatible with vB5 and that is in fact a paid modification for your site so it is not available here. Again, I would contact amember support and inquire.

14 Aug 2013, 19:41

aMemeber works fine and there support is responsive. I have the lastest amember plugin. As mentioned new vb5 no longer has the hooks to redirect to amember login. I need to modify vbulletin login to redirect (not amember). This seems like it would be simple for anyone familiar with vbulletin. Isn't there anyone here that would know how to do this? I posted under general modification. Isn't that what people do in here, help each other, offer suggestions?


14 Aug 2013, 19:45
I'm very surprised amember has not given you explicit instructions.

14 Aug 2013, 19:46
Yes we do help and offer suggestions however it's usually on vBulletin itself or modifications/plugins available on this site. If amember wants to sell itself as being integrable with vBulletin one would think they would have purchased or asked for use of a clients site to work on this and provide a solution or tutorial on how to effectively integrate aMember with vBulletin 5.x after all they did it with vB 3.x and 4.x.

I'm not here raining on anyones parade simply saying they should have had this sorted long ago imo. Someone else may have been through the same thing already though and perhaps will post what they went through and/or possible solutions so keep an eye on the thread ;).

14 Aug 2013, 19:53
Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply. Hopefully someone here will know how to do this... I'll check back.