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Night Demon
13 Oct 2001, 02:06
Well, I do not know if this has been done before, but oh well.

This hack was made using vBulletin 2.0.3. I have no idea if it works with earlier versions.

Download the index.php (index.php3) file and make a backup of it.

Look for the line that says.
$forumbits=makeforumbit(intval($forumid), 1, $permissions);

Now add this right below it.
if($bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==3) {

It should be right above this line.
if ($bbuserinfo['userid']==0) {
eval("\$unregwelcomemessage = \"".gettemplate('forumhome_unregmessage')."\";");

Now make a template called forumhome_uaec. And put any message you want in it. Use $username so it will post that persons name. :p

Now upload the index.php file.

This is just some stupid little thing that makes it so the Users Awaiting E-Mail Conformation or whatever it's called not able to view the forum until they activate their account. They can still view everything else, just not the main forum. Not what I was trying to make, but it'll do for now. :p.

13 Oct 2001, 02:38
Hey, this is very cool and seems to work well.



13 Oct 2001, 16:49
looks kewl m8

13 Oct 2001, 21:48
:D good job. nice hack