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13 Oct 2001, 11:22
I have decided to go ahead and release the first beta to the public.

There are BOUND to be bugs, and there are still many things I want to do, things I want to enhance and windows I want to pretty up. If you like to break things, download this program and break it! ;) I need the help finding everything!

What this version is, is a STRONG look at what MultiHack can do. All of the basic functionality is there. Make sure you read the included MS Word documentation file as well, that will help explain a lot of things.

You can add/delete/modify new/old hacks. You can import/export hacks, analyze hacks. Etc... It is all there.

I really recommend that you check it out and let me know what you would like to see changes/added/removed, whatever!

I am also working on a new website design for the entire site, and will have official MultiHack vB pages up soon. I plan on fully supporting this version of MultiHack, have no fear.

I will be asking people that have given good input and ideas on this beta test round to become official beta testers. Consider this just a tease.

I really hope you like the program and offer your feedback in support of it. I am writing this for you, the vB hack authors and installers, so if it doesn't do what YOU want it to do, tell me and I'm sure we can work something suitable out.

The download page is currently: http://www.multihack.com/download/vb

Remember, this is BETA, it WILL break at some point. Just let me know where it broke and what you did so I can fix it. Don't assume someone else told me about it, they didn't.

13 Oct 2001, 14:49
Sounds cool. I'll have a look at it later.

13 Oct 2001, 16:27
this is great m8 i hope you can fix the bugs and get it working sweet.

If i remember right ubb had one that work kinda well. This would just be another slep for vb to rock the board world :D

13 Oct 2001, 17:25
What does this do?

13 Oct 2001, 18:32
It makes hacking a lot easier :)

13 Oct 2001, 19:54
That's pretty sweet. So when are you hack authors going to start converting your hacks into MultiHack Format? :)

13 Oct 2001, 20:05
It crashed for me. I'm on Windows 2000. Said "this program has performed an error and will be closed by windows. An error log has been generated"

Where's the error log?

13 Oct 2001, 21:01
crashed many times on advanced server

13 Oct 2001, 21:47
I developed it on 2k Pro so I don't think that in itself will be an issue, but you never know. I need to know what you guys were doing when it crashed and if you can tell me how to reproduce the error that is the best thing possible.

I'm fixing what I can find, but I can't find everything. =) Please don't be dissapointed in the program, it is beta. ;)

13 Oct 2001, 22:01
Where's the error log windows says it generated? The first time is when I tried to add an operation to a hack, the secon time was when I re-opened it(after it crashed) and went to the hack, and clicked edit.

13 Oct 2001, 22:12
The log that windows generates really won't be of much help, it will be full of memory addresses that won't tell me much. :)

But you telling me where you had your trouble helps more than anything.

One thing you will want to do is make sure that your have set the local paths correctly, specifically the Source and Output Directorys.

13 Oct 2001, 22:26
Ok, I fixed the problem with adding a new mod on a new hack. Oversite on my part.

I have uploaded a 1.01 .EXE update on the download page. Download that .EXE file and overwrite your old .EXE file with this one. This fixes the problem with being unable to add a new mod on a new hack and a couple other minor things I found.

15 Oct 2001, 03:07
Ok, I fixed a few problems and added several new features. I hope to have the latest version up later tonight. The version will be 1.1.0. There is a list of fixes and new features on the below forum. Thanks to those that have emailed me with bug reports and suggestions, as well as those at my web site. =)

Please report any bugs or suggestions to me at troy@multihack.com or visit www.multihack.com/vbb

15 Oct 2001, 04:02
I installed the new version(overwrote EXE file) and opened it. It brought up the hack list. I clicked on the "New Hack" which was already there from my previous try, and hit edit, it crashed.

15 Oct 2001, 05:17
I liked this program when I ran UBB...

15 Oct 2001, 06:21
Dark Reaper,

Download an install the full 1.01 version and delete the old database. The bug that was there before allowed an invalid database entry to be created, thus the crash now.


Glad you liked the UBB Version. I think that when this version is "complete" you will like this one even more. Let me know.

15 Oct 2001, 07:38
I download and installed, well it works until I press install..
Press Install = Program Crash.. :)

(Windows 2000 Professional)

15 Oct 2001, 07:47
Do me a favor and email me your mhack.mhd file. There has to be something set wrong within the database and this is the only way I am going ot figure it out. Everything works find on my end. =) So PLEASE send me that file so I can check.

Also, I uploaded an update file as well to the download page. Version 1.10

15 Oct 2001, 07:56
File sent...

Also, not sure if it could be a problem..
But i do still have the UBB MutiHack installed :p

15 Oct 2001, 09:50
Got the file, thanks. Ohh, and there should't be a problem at all with having the UBB version of MHK installed.

I checked it and I couldn't find a problem. I created the exact same directory structure as your database file has. I made no changes to it in fact and ran the app. Everything worked as it should. No crashes or anything. With your paths as an example, make sure that it looks something like the following:

C:\- yourhostsucks.com\Multi_Hack\input

and that your \forums folder and everything below it (including the \forums folder itself) are placed within the input folder above. Also, make sure you are using the latest version. If you are using the 1.0.1 version that would explain all of these problems as it had a problem installing.

With the hack that was installed in the DB you sent me, I couldn't get that hack to work. Even with an external editor I couldn't find the "Old Data" reference you were making. ;)

Let me know. =)

Tom Dooley
15 Oct 2001, 19:26
are there hacks in multihack format to try out ?

16 Oct 2001, 01:53

Not yet. Since the program is still going through it's beta phase, I wouldn't want someone to spend the time making a long hack only to have me change the database scheme and make all of their hard work useless.

However when it is out of beta I *HOPE* that there will be many MHK files for vB. However this is up to the hack authors and community at large as I will not be making any myself. I write the program, not hacks. I wrote this program for myself as well as everyone else, I'm not too swift sometimes. ;)

16 Oct 2001, 04:14
Works now...when I get time I'll give it a go at making and installing a hack :)

16 Oct 2001, 06:38
Hey Dark Reaper :) It's Heineken77 from ICQ .. LOL .. the idiot with the stupid questions ;)

Just wanted to say hi ..

To the creator of the hack this thread relates to...I SERIOUSLY cannot wait for the final version!!!! :)

Cheers!!!! Good luck, and keep the great job up sir!!

16 Oct 2001, 20:29
I eagerly await this one too :)

17 Oct 2001, 06:16
Thanks for the words of support! If you want this thing to hit the level of a good final version, download the current one and check it out.

I really need input from people, please do not assume others are giving me the suggestions and bug reports. They are actually very few so I need all of the help I can get.

17 Oct 2001, 08:03
downloading ... installing ... working fine on Win ME.

Keep it up Troy :)

17 Oct 2001, 20:13
Question: What happens, when say, you install a hack that changes a block of code. Then you go to install a hack that modifies some of the same code. The code wouldn't be the same as it was looking for...what would happen?

17 Oct 2001, 20:40
Ruth, thanks much! :)

Dark Reaper,

If that is the case, then you have two hacks that are incompatible with each other. Not much I can do about that. Basically the second hack you attempted to install would fail as the "Old Data" would not be found.

Only thing you can do is to request(or do it yourself) that one of the hack authors makes their hack compatible with the other.

17 Oct 2001, 21:39
Not to be rude but I thought that was the whole point of this - kind of like a CVS for hacked files, where it would know what's changed and how to adjust it for new hacks. If that isn't the case it kind of makes it useless after the first hack, doesn't it?

18 Oct 2001, 04:25

That is exactly what MultiHack does NOT do. The general ideas is a 3 or so click install process for hacks, and a database for those hacks.

If two hacks modify the same piece of code, MultiHack will not allow the modifications to pass.

Generally speaking from my own past experiences, very few hacks(from UBB anyway) tend to trip up over each other. If this isn't the case for vB, maybe MultiHack is useless for vB. However I don't think this is the case.

Give it a shot, check out the documentation and let me know what you think. That is the best thing you can do to get an idea of what it does or does not do.

18 Oct 2001, 04:38
Hey Troy,

This was great with UBB and will be fine for most vB hacks...
The only thing will be it will not be able to alter the database, or templates.. But It will be a usefull program non the less. Althou i still prefer to hand code everything, I would still feel safe using this program to edit the files(it can) if I was feeling lazy. :)

18 Oct 2001, 05:06
Well, at least it doesn't appear to be useless. =) I'm not sure how the templates work, but I might be able to do something there unless they are stored in the database as well. (I think they are if I remember correctly).

However if there is some sort of standard for an install script, it could be included within the hack, so that when the hack is installed a "installme.php" file or whatever is written out. With the post install instructions, directions there could point the end user to run this PHP installer. So that while MultiHack couldn't help with the actual installing of it, it could help in general.

This is the type of thing I need to know and help in doing(some of it anyway).

19 Oct 2001, 19:20
This I like. I think I will make all of my hacks MultiHack so I can easily go in and change them, etc...

19 Oct 2001, 22:17
Here's the thing about vBulletin: if you have a hack, chances are it will affect a query somewhere along the way. Some of them, such as the one to update options in member.php, get edited every time you hack in an option for a user. Same for when a new user registers. Another one is the creation of a new post. What this basically means then is you couldn't install two hacks that add options, which are pretty common hacks.

25 Oct 2001, 11:11
does it work on a unix server with apache? :confused:

25 Oct 2001, 21:27
It's for your local Windows computer, not apache.