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01 Oct 2013, 11:22
This is voting for boards nominated in September 2013.

Voting will run until October 31, 2013.

The following board received 1 second and will automatically be in the voting:

Site Name: UFP - The United Federation of Planets
URL: http://ufplanets.com

None of the other boards in the nomination thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=301766) received any nominations.

There were 6 additional boards but only 4 more slots. Boards were determined by post # in the thread (Post #2 - Post #7) and a Random Sequence was chosen from Random.org (http://www.Random.org) between 2 and 7, inclusive.

The results of the Random.org Sequence was:

3 6 7 5 2 4

So the following forums (all except 2 and 4) will be in the vote-

Site Name: Senior Forums
URL: http://www.seniorforums.com

Site Name: CanesInSight
URL: http://www.canesinsight.com

Site Name: IMSpot
URL: http://www.imspot.org

Site Name: Friendly Mela
URL : http://www.friendlymela.com/

Good luck to all!

Please note if there is an error and your site was not included in the poll you have 24 hours from the time the polling has begun to contact me. Otherwise it will not be included.

If you have any questions PM me (BirdOPrey5)

01 Nov 2013, 21:35
Congratulations to this months Board of the Month Winner - The United Federation of Planets http://ufplanets.com/ :D

*Also HUGE Star Trek Fan, loved it! - Supes