View Full Version : ubb 5.12 -> vb 2.0.3: looking for importer

15 Oct 2001, 15:57
hi there

I'm running a very old copy of ubb - version 5.12. the code has been hacked because this version of ubb had a y2k-bug - with the effect that the structure of data is different to the regular ones.

the second problem: version 5.12 don't have an memberslist.cgi - this .cgi was added in version 5.2x

the result of all the mess: the importer, vbulletin is offering, don't work. *sigh*

so I'm looking for somebody who knows the structure of the vbulletin database very well and would write a special import-script for me - I will pay for the work! my old forum is filled with about 60.000 postings - and I need them in my new forum.

best regards and please find a way to help me without having to spend a lot of money for expensive software-engeneering.


17 Oct 2001, 16:31
If I were you I would look to upgrade to UBB 5.47 or later first. Finding someone to help with this might be easier than getting someone to do a direct VB migration.

Maybe ask at ubbdev.com but don't tell them the reason!