View Full Version : MOTM for June 2014

Contest Master
01 Jun 2014, 07:00
Which Modification should win this months MOTM contest ?

Choose from the list, and vote for your favourite modification now.

Remember to support modifications by nominating them for next months MOTM, just click the 'Nominate for MOTM' link in the release thread - you can nominate as many as you like during the month.

Thank you,

vBulletin.org Staff

02 Jun 2014, 13:25
My vote goes to Iconic !

DragonByte Tech
02 Jun 2014, 16:13
HTTP Response Code from BOP5, because it's a really useful modification, and because he graciously allowed us to use the idea for one of our modifications :)


06 Jun 2014, 02:17
Voted "Ultimate Usergroup HTML Markup Customizer"

18 Jun 2014, 05:13
most of them are great... voted!!

Black Snow
18 Jun 2014, 10:15
HTTP Response Code from BOP5, due to it being the most most useful out of the nominated mods IMO as I don't use vB5 and I don't need a new style lol

01 Jul 2014, 10:31
Congratulations to Joe, for winning MOTM this time around.

01 Jul 2014, 10:35
Thanks :)