View Full Version : BB Code Enhancements - Soundcloud BBCode (This one is working)

29 Jul 2014, 22:37

If you are running a forum dealing with musics, a Soundcloud BBCode is a must have. However, the different tutorials that may be found on the internet are not really working.

So here are my five bucks on how to integrate a properly working soundcloud bbcode :

1/ Replacement code :
<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url={param}&color=0066cc"></iframe>

a) You can change the dimensions by playing with width="100%" and height="166".
b) You can change the button color with a RGB code whit this part of the code : &color="0066cc"


2/ Then set the different options this way :

3/ You will get a message about the replacement code, just ignore it :

4/ Then you just need to find a soundcloud url and it wil give you something like this :

As you can see if you are logged in soundcloud, you have all classical options open to you : follow/unfollow, comments, view comments, share etc.

Feel free to add any comments, probelms etc :)

18 Jul 2015, 15:35
Loaded into vB 4.2.3 site as the default was only showing a blank grey bar across the screen. Works for me in Firefox; just waiting to hear from others on whether it works in other browsers.

19 Jul 2015, 10:51
Doesn't work in IE, so I'm going to have to return to the default until I can get something that works across all the web browsers.

03 Nov 2015, 22:19