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12 Aug 2014, 22:27
as to continue this mod on vbulletin version 5 , here it is!

What this hack do ?
when a private message is received or a visitor message or a friend request or a social group invitation a cute and kind post man comes to the screen and informs the user , with a link to vbulletin's notification center.

Installation Guide :
Installation guide:
1-upload the "upload" folder (images) to appropriate folde: your_forum/images/misc/
2-go to admin cp => Products & Hooks => Manage Products => [Add/Import Product] => choose the XML file from your computer and hit "Import"
it's now installed , just go to : Settings => Options => PostMan Notification
you have control over images , on/off hack / on/off author's copyright and an option to limit the hack only to forum's main page


Changelog :
version 1.4: initial release
version 1.5: an option added to limit the mod according to type of notification (nly private messages or all)

additionally you can turn this hack ON/OFF and disable copyright (not recommended) in vbulletin options page.




13 Aug 2014, 15:54
release 1.5: an option added to control the type of notifications (only private messages or all)

13 Aug 2014, 19:26
I followed your instructions but it doesnt work.. I think it would be a cool mod to have though

13 Aug 2014, 20:51
play with it's settings in admincp=>settings
it shows up if it's enabled and if you have new messages or notifications depending in your settings
and dont forget to upload images in mentioned path
and if it still doesn't work then your template is not vb standard , since it uses hooks to insert html codes

08 Apr 2015, 21:05
Love it, thanks.

09 Apr 2015, 00:51
Any way that the user can select which graphic one they want to use?

13 Mar 2016, 09:18
I followed your instructions but it doesnt work.. I think it would be a cool mod to have though

It works on version 5.2:)

15 Mar 2016, 09:49
Works great thanks

15 Apr 2016, 21:05
vb 5.2.1 works so far! Also works on vb 5.2.2