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21 Sep 2014, 12:49

I'm not good with technical stuff. I have a vB 4.2.1 but it has a lot of bugs and issues with plugins etc. so I want to import only users, threads and posts to a fresh installation of 4.2.2. I don't want to import plugins, configurations, attachments, themes etc. What I want is a fresh installation of 4.2.2 and the users, threads and posts from the old installation.

I am trying to follow Impex instructions and import users, threads and posts from the old forum installation. Both are hosted on the same server. I have started the process and I think it is working too. I will only know after it is completed I guess.

I didn't run the associated users module as I read that I don't need it for what I am trying to do. The forum is a little large. 75k members, 85k threads and 1 million posts. So I guess it's going to take A LOT of time to complete. I am running Impex on the server and it is importing users for the past 12 hours now. So if it takes 12-13 hours importing 75k members, I wonder how long it will take to import 1 million posts. Any way to make this process faster? I am currently doing it in batches of 500 and I have been advised not to increase that or Impex will crash.

Please take a look at this screenshot and also answers the questions in it.


Please help me out through this import process and I will be very grateful to you.


21 Sep 2014, 18:29
I would not using ImpEx for this. I would delete all the modifications and styles from your site and then just perform a regular upgrade.

Database Cleanup & Restart is exactly what it means. You ran Impex and had some issues so you want to cleanup the database and start again.

Have you read the manual for ImpEx - http://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/impex?manualversion=40202500