View Full Version : Custom phpbb3 to VB4.x IMPEX imports.

07 Oct 2014, 20:40
After finding out how outdated the IMPEX import system is I've been feeling defeated and llike a sucker for buying the most expensive VB package.
Beating myself up is getting me nowhere. I have to get this thing working. I need to figure out how this IMPEX system works. if someone could please help I would be beyond grateful.

My "phpbb_users" table has a field called "backgrounds" It contains values like "http://www.tooaskew.com/photos/cupcakes.jpg"

It seems this would be a perfect fit for importing into VB "page_background_image" field of the "customprofile" table

Goal Import: phpbb_users/backgrounds --> customprofile/page_background_image

Can someone tell me what edits to make to IMPEX in order to import these values? Obviously customprofile "userid" (VB) would need to match phpbb_users "user_id" as well.

I know there are likely few knowledgeable enough to actually answer this but if you are someone who can tackle please take a moment to contribute this information.
It will kick open for me a lot of new doors. Which of course I will contribute back to the community. Many of us are frustrated and this information will help so much!
Thank you in advance!!!