View Full Version : Non-free hacks should go in their own forum

31 Oct 2001, 00:11
I've just read about a hack that the writer is not giving away for free, but rather is charging people for the code.

Whether this is right or wrong or good or bad is not what I want to discuss here, however. Rather, the point I'm bringing up is that many people, including myself, do not want to or cannot pay for hacks, and I don't really want to read about something I can't have. I cannot tell you how upsetting it is to me to read about some great new hack and to get excited about using it, only to find out that I can't have it. Sometimes people are better off not knowing what they're missing.

So what I'm proposing is that there be a separate forum, perhaps a subforum inside the Full Releases forum, where all for-money hacks must go. I've made this a poll so we can see if I'm the only one who feels this way, or if others agree.

31 Oct 2001, 00:15
i'm not agree ...

if they are making money on their hacks (i don't like this idea first ...) they can have their own support on their site ...

> They just had to put their url and a brief description in vBulletin.org... no more

31 Oct 2001, 01:50
I for one don't like hacks that charge money, unless it's been tested on high traffic boards and is really complex. overgrow's karma hack i do consider one but all others that people charge for, i'll make for free and release it because i don't believe in charging people money for a small modification.

Palmer ofShinra
31 Oct 2001, 02:20
I say they should go in a different forum...

What's the worst that will happen?

You see a nicce payhack in there... and someone is inspired by it and writes a free version?

31 Oct 2001, 02:33
but then the forum would not be successful because nobody would release them anymore.

31 Oct 2001, 03:13
I dont see a need for it IMO. There are 3 hacks that I know of that the authors are charging for. Not nearly enough to warrant a full forum for them.

31 Oct 2001, 04:18
3? Which ones are they... i only know karma

31 Oct 2001, 04:38
and some jerk trying to sell modified versions of vbStats.

31 Oct 2001, 04:50
Originally posted by Bane

and some jerk trying to sell modified versions of vbStats. You have got to be kidding me. Jerk is the word.

31 Oct 2001, 08:51
and there is this guy that announces a hack (multiple attachments) and provides a link to his board ... where one learns that he charges for this hack ... arg! :D

31 Oct 2001, 15:10
lol!!! but i didn't know vbPortal started charging.

31 Oct 2001, 18:06
I think that if the volume of pay hacks went up, then it would warrant it's own forum. However there just aren't enough at the moment, so this one gets a No vote from me.

31 Oct 2001, 18:16
Well said James.

If it makes you feel any better, we will not keep advertisements for hacks in the releases forum, but rather in the general discussion section. :)
And if the need ever rises, we will re-consider this.

31 Oct 2001, 18:36
Originally posted by MrLister
lol!!! but i didn't know vbPortal started charging.

Technicaly VBP 3 doesnt charge. VBP 3 is in beta and is only released to contributing members... members who donate or members who help with the project. I think once its released it will be free but support will not be free.

01 Nov 2001, 00:32
this get's a no vote from me, like James said, there aren't enough right now to warrant there own forum. i can see people charging for extremely complex hacks, like vbportal, but the enhanced stat thing is a total joke.


01 Nov 2001, 00:34
My opinion is no, mainly based on the low number of them.

01 Nov 2001, 01:19
making a forum for 3 threads is not worth it