View Full Version : I love it!

01 Nov 2001, 00:29
Hey I love the site! I love the blues, it's so cool!

Just one thing, some stuff is funky. Like, I don't know why it wouldn't let me register with the username "clio"

01 Nov 2001, 00:31
okay, why is the website field a required field??? It wouldn't let me leave it blank. so i just put "www"

01 Nov 2001, 01:18
well everybody here has a site.... otherwise they wouldn't own vB so that's why

01 Nov 2001, 01:20
Well, you would assume everyone here has a site because they own a vB. I own a vB, but currently don't have it up on a site and only use it for testing on my own PC..

For not being able to register with the name 'clio', are you sure no one else has taken that name? If they have, that is why you can't take it.

Edit: Just looked, no one else has registered that name..I'm not sure why it wouldn't work...

01 Nov 2001, 11:04
clio, you must also use the same e-mail address you used on vBulletin.com if you want to register the name 'clio'.

As for the requirement for websites url, don't forget we also have an option to hide the url from normal users.
And if you don't have a site currently, leaving 'www' would be fine. :)

01 Nov 2001, 14:29
i still have 3 more months before mine goes up :(