View Full Version : Board of the Month Voting - June/July 2015

02 Aug 2015, 23:35
This voting is for forums nominated in June and July 2015.

There were 5 board nominated and 5 spots so all 5 forums will be in the vote.

Good luck to all!

Please note if there is an error and your site was not included in the poll you have 24 hours from the time the polling has begun to contact me. Otherwise it will not be included.

If you have any questions PM me (BirdOPrey5)

05 Aug 2015, 23:33
In the past this voting thread has been closed, but I have decided to allow commenting this month, we will see how it goes. Discussion should be limited to the forums up for vote this month. Please remember no self promotion. Maybe say what site you like the best and why.

01 Sep 2015, 10:26
Congrats to The Swarm, this was a close one!