View Full Version : Top Hackers

01 Nov 2001, 15:17
I think it should be based on installed hacks, or by the number your hacks has been downloaded, or maybe by vote, it will be more accurate and will stimulate code hackers to write better hacks, instead of 9999999 hacks.

01 Nov 2001, 15:44
i like the current one.... it's logical

01 Nov 2001, 15:50
I think it would be more logical if you write a good functional hack, that has been downloaded 10000 times, rather than 10 hacks of cosmetic modifications.

03 Nov 2001, 07:00
What would be the difference between having 2 installs on 30 cosmetic adaptions and 50 installs on one good hack? Doesnt seem like making it go by installs would be much different?