View Full Version : You graphics ppl should like this!

Mr. X
02 Nov 2001, 22:29

When we started to work on StarWars with George, it was to difficult to make the DeathStar as George wanted it under Maya (They were using the version 1.0 of Maya then).
So we made it as a cube at the beginning. (figure 1.13)
We have been contacted by Prof3d, and he told us about his script. We thought it was a joke, but we tried his script and it worked pretty well. So we were able to make the DeathStar less cubic. (figure 1.14)
After that, he provided us the “Detaisl Plugin Beta 3” (avaible on the free plugins section of prof3d) and so we have been able to add some few details.
Finally the DeathStar was exactly how George wanted it.

Xtra-Zoom™ is an easy to use plugin that allows you to do as many zooms
you want on a picture. You will be able to make close-up on details.

This plugin is actually used by the F.B.I. for investigations.
You should download it as soon as possible before the plugin becomes
officially outlaw.

For the moment, thank you professor 3d!

For the record I use Maya/RenderMan and Photoshop etc, so to me at least this sort of stuff is hilarious, but even if your not into graphics stuff, it should be at least mildly amusing. :)

Mark Hensler
02 Nov 2001, 23:26
I'm not an artist, but my bro and cousin are... so I have a clue about some things artistic. I found it quite humorous.