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27 Sep 2015, 02:40
Change Log, this is always the most up to date place to read the new history for vBImpex: https://github.com/vBZachery/vbimpex/commits/master

Recent changes of note:

Aug 5th

Addressed an issue with mybb storing ips as int
removed shebang support, don't have a build server to support it anyway

If you are running into a bug, please either open a thread in the impex forum, or start a issue on GitHub (https://github.com/vBZachery/vbimpex/issues)

Please feel free to submit pull requests if you have additional updates to the source code.

28 Sep 2015, 03:40
Good work lads! A newer version of Impex is in the works?

28 Sep 2015, 14:23
^ Not sure but I do know Zachery is maintaining and improving upon it so I would imagine so. Would be best to get it straight from the horses mouth though instead of this donkey ;).

29 Sep 2015, 01:07
I'm doing what I can when I can. If people report issues I can try to work though them. At this time I don't really have the time or tools to write new importers.

I would like to work towards getting a PHP 7.0 compatibile release at some point that that will take some work

15 Oct 2015, 13:38
Are there any to-do's? I'll gladly start contributing to the repository if there's anything.
Or do I just have to install different forum software myself, run Impex, and see if I come across any problems?

16 Oct 2015, 04:09
Usually missing attachments are the main issue I run into when using impex. Users, threads, and posts come through fine nearly 99% of the time but a site with missing attachments well... yeah not too spiffy sadly.

Once you run this enough you'll get a feel for whats to be expected when importing from a certain software but I'll let Zachery comment he may actually want some help in here ;).

16 Oct 2015, 12:56
Really, anyone who has fixes or bugs, reporting them and getting me test data is the best way to get it fixed. Without it i'm aimless at this point besides php compatibility fixes :)

07 Dec 2015, 19:41
Now that your database can be obtained from Forums.net is there any chance it could be added to Impex?

I have a database and trying to get to vB.


03 Apr 2016, 03:31
Impex can import from Xenforo 1.5.x versions ?

06 Apr 2017, 01:53
We need an update please. :)

Paul M
06 Apr 2017, 14:40
Not sure who you are directing that to, but Zachery has not logged in since August last year.

06 Apr 2017, 21:53
I am directing to anyone and everyone. :)

It would be nice to be able to use Impex with newer versions of php..