View Full Version : Massive user update...

Palmer ofShinra
03 Nov 2001, 11:44
OK... I've whipped up a custom hack that allows certain users to use [color=] style BBcode in their custom titles, but not HTML (staff can use both though:))

Thing is... all the people who are currently allowed BBcoded titles have HTML titles set.

So what I need to do... is to change one database field for over 60 users... and I don't want to do it manually.

All I need to do, in the USER table, is find everyone in usergroup 25 and 26 and change their customtitle value to 3.

Could someone whip me up a quick script to do that?

Or is a mass query possible? Like

UPDATE user SET customtitle=3 WHERE usergroupid=25

And then repeat it for 26.

Would that work?

Mark Hensler
04 Nov 2001, 00:22
UPDATE user SET customtitle=3 WHERE usergroupid=25 OR usergroupid=26