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30 Oct 2015, 06:08
Hello all! :up:

Well, maybe on near future I will need to merge two of my own vB3.8 forums to one vB3.8 too. I have the following questions about the ImpEx System:
a) Are there any vbulletin articles about how to develope ImpEx modules? I need to develope some modules for merging two vB3.8 forums.
If no, it could be nice if someone could give me some info - ways so I can start learning. Impex has a lot of files and I don't know the structure about how to start develope something for it. I have a good knowledge about how vB3.8 works and its db structure.
b) Are there the following modules somewhere? If someone has something ready and with no bugs, it would be nice to provide it to me for personal use (I can pay for it). Modules for merging data of:
- User Profile Fields and user profiles data in connection with them (what users have complete to them)
- Albums/Album Pictures/Picture Comments
- Edit Log and Moderator/Post Edit Log/History items
- Infractions Given to Users
- Visitor Messages
- Subscriptions (to Threads and Forums)
- Thread Tags (I'm not sure that existing posts/threads module move also the tags)
- User Change Log

...between two vB3.8 forums.
In other words, I need a very ideally merge of two vB forums. :D

Any answer or help welcome :up:

10 Nov 2015, 13:00
Impex will merge some of that data, but not all of it.

Mostly users (their profiles), topics, posts, forums, attachments. Outside of that not really. You'd need to write modules to handle it.