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05 Nov 2001, 02:18
who here has a anime site / forum

05 Nov 2001, 03:12

05 Nov 2001, 03:35
Originally posted by eva2000


05 Nov 2001, 03:36
excluding anything that has to do with animeboards.com ;) or eva2000.com

05 Nov 2001, 03:56
My site used to be anime...
I admin on like 4 anime boards... Used to help run a big anime site, and there board.... and alot more... lol But ive sorta drifted off from anime... With the axception of the little anime sections on my board... lol

Oh well.. O.o


05 Nov 2001, 04:09
cool, me like anime stuff, but dont seem to watch any.. for some reason

30 Jun 2002, 20:37
mine is AnimeOnline.net
teh forum is at http://www.animeonline.net/forums

01 Jul 2002, 02:28
Illusion Forums

01 Jul 2002, 10:50
I am a Super Mod at http://www.planetplastica.com. I've been there for like 2 years now.

02 Jul 2002, 01:02
Anime bulletin boards? You mean those comics from Japan, where everyone has huge eyes? I've only seen a couple in my 15 years on the Internet. I'd imagine that a niche like that is ... well, about as rare as talk shows hosted by rabid right wingers on AM radio stations in the United States.

I'd imagine that the only thing that's harder to find is a vBulletin site dedicated to perhaps the most esoteric topic out there ... first person shooter PC games.


02 Jul 2002, 12:52
mine is ;), ill have to post the link when its back up

04 Jul 2002, 15:52
My name is ULTIMATESSJ........and i am an animeaholic lol

Site - http://www.animexplosion.com (coming soon)
Forum - http://www.animexplosion.com/forums

04 Jul 2002, 18:03
I have an Anime/tech stuff site, you'll have to search for it though ;)

(I keep it disclosed from VB.org so stupid newby warez hackers stop registering just to ask me where I got a hack from, or if I could give it to them)

05 Jul 2002, 03:43
Originally posted by Velocd

(I keep it disclosed from VB.org so stupid newby warez hackers stop registering just to ask me where I got a hack from, or if I could give it to them)

i hate crap like that, so i put a big "do not ask for vbulletin suport" on my webby forums

05 Jul 2002, 07:41
well PPN the mod here has one, visit it at:

SITE: http://www.total-anime.com
FORUMS: http://www.forums.total-anime.com

Chris M
05 Jul 2002, 10:30
Anime-loo's forums are pretty good...

I am confused as to what Anime is though lol...

I've never been a great follower of it...


05 Jul 2002, 15:07
Anime is japanese animation.

11 Jan 2003, 21:57
I am a "very happy user" at http://foros.angzone.com


this forums is a community in spanish

(so... sorry my english is not very good >__<)

12 Jan 2003, 13:16
a bild old this thread...

but nice avatar, it's gendo ikari, isn't it? :)

12 Jan 2003, 21:50
Xenon is into the whole Neo Evangelion stuff, eh? You should try watching some RahXephon, 'tis an incredibly cool series.

Ofcourse, we all know Xenon is a large Love Hina fan, you can see it in his avatar picture.. don't let that face fool you, that guy is watching Love Hina!

Since I don't disclose my site anymore, you can check the anime site out by the link in my siggy.

12 Jan 2003, 22:08
Velocd, do you have another anime site other than AS?

13 Jan 2003, 02:44
Nope, that be the only one. ;)

13 Jan 2003, 15:39
Velo, yeah i sometimes post in a NGE Board also, but i don't have so much time to watch some Animeseries, also in germany there aren't so much unfortunately.

But, what is Love Hina, and what has it to do with my Avatar Friedrich Nietzsche?
Sorry, i don't understand the conclusion

13 Jan 2003, 16:02
Xenon, you just have to see it ;), love hina is something you cant put into words LOL

Dean C
13 Jan 2003, 16:34
Hehe i can - boring :p

- miSt

14 Jan 2003, 02:17
Love Hina = Hentai series hehe

14 Jan 2003, 03:25
/me love www.animewaves.net/forum :D

14 Jan 2003, 06:18
I'm actually not very fond of Love Hina, as its rather old and has too much hype around it, but mainly because those kind of genre lose my interest quickly when watching.

Where do you get your anime from Drk? hub3.hentaiplanet:411 on DC? ;) j/k

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 09:38
Originally posted by DrkFusion
Love Hina = Hentai series hehe

And if the main series wasn't enough exposure..:p

14 Jan 2003, 17:06
ah, ok, and what does it have to do with my avatar, or am i just not getting the joke here? :)

Hentai, well, i shouldn't watch it then, at least not when my g/f is around *gg*

14 Jan 2003, 18:36
Xenon: its not hentai..tho bleh n/m ;)

and it has nothing to do with your avatar.

/me gose off to download the rest of boys-be on his lame 56k.

im ganna kill my brother for deleating half my divx files *shakes foot*

15 Jan 2003, 08:24


Dean C
15 Jan 2003, 16:49
Tut tut - you should leave links to your site in your sig :p

- miSt

18 Jan 2003, 14:50
Originally posted by Xenon
a bild old this thread...

but nice avatar, it's gendo ikari, isn't it? :)

konichiwa Xenon sempai!

jyes, is my favorite! ^^

18 Jan 2003, 16:26
Originally posted by NanoEntity


Is hololith.com still around?

18 Jan 2003, 18:49
@Moyes: yes, he's also my favorite on NGE :)

21 Jan 2003, 02:37
oh well, i'll add my 2 penneth X-F@CTORY (Anime Wallpapers) (http://xfa.yoll.net)

21 Jan 2003, 08:30
I made an anime site one day and somehow it took off. Now it is pretty active. Unfortunately there is not much content on the site itself, but the forums are rockin'.

Check it out: www.shadowsofnamek.com/forum

We are working on getting stuff up on the site itself... but most of my time is devoted to my other side, sadly.

Tony G
21 Jan 2003, 10:13
Wow not bad, very big member base. :D

21 Jan 2003, 17:35
I was just anime at one point... now I am... uuhhhh... misc?

08 Jul 2007, 19:16
I run http://free-naruto-episodes.com and http://naruto-wallpaper.net - shan't name the other one. :(