View Full Version : Anyone else get these? O.o

05 Nov 2001, 19:11
In the last 2 days ive gotten emails from people saying, they are liscenced members, but cant download the new version... and asking me to send it to them... >_< Just woundering if anyone else gets these.. lol


05 Nov 2001, 19:24
yea i had a few.. just ask to see there licence number not password number and get it confirmed with one of the mods here.. usually when you ask for it they back off:D

05 Nov 2001, 19:47
Don't even reply, if they really had problems they wouldn't contact you but rather sales@vbulletin.com or something like that.

05 Nov 2001, 20:18
Ya, i know.. lol i never have replied.. >_<
This last one i got, said that vb support stopped replying.. lol So thats why they asked me... O.o

Oh well.. I just delete em.. :p


Scott MacVicar
05 Nov 2001, 21:37
I get them on AIM, ICQ, MSN, Email and even my own forums.

They range from can you get me the importers to can you get me the full version.
Now it even includes hacks.

I usually send them to the purcahse vBulletin page via one of the affiliate scheme things with my id, you never know they might purchase it ;)