View Full Version : No license restrictions

Mark Hensler
06 Nov 2001, 09:01
Is there a reason that unlicensed people can read the "Full Releases" forum, yet not post new threads or replies? Is this part of the "No support for warez users"?

I like the attachment access restriction, BTW.

06 Nov 2001, 11:28
Yes, that's exactly the reason.
We figured users without vBulletin don't release hacks (obvious), and of course don't need support for hacks, so we don't harm anyone.

Mark Hensler
06 Nov 2001, 18:13
In some cases, the person hacking a board may not be the license holder. What are your thoughts on this?

Is there a way that this person could be given access in some way? Perhaps the license holder can add (a limit number of) usernames somewhere. Or some other way to tie people to an account, that would be maintainable by the license holder.

Am I making any sense? :stupid: I'm talking about allowing these people access to the hacks, while not allowing all the pirates :pirate: in at the same time.

If this is not conceivable, the current system is fine.

06 Nov 2001, 18:41
License holders can add upto 3 usernames (including their own) to a list of licensed user, that will have access to the hacks.