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07 Nov 2001, 07:52
I am currently runnig php 4.0.0. bravo 2 and want to upgrade to php 4.0.6 - my server is a hostpro server running unix! please help - i do have root access by the way!

thank you !

07 Nov 2001, 08:24
well.. um depends or the server interface and what i can do from here.

07 Nov 2001, 08:37
not sure what you are asking?:confused:

Mark Hensler
07 Nov 2001, 22:42
Have you asked your host to do it?

08 Nov 2001, 00:22
yes and they said do it your self because 4.0.0 bravo 2 is the only versian they have tested

Mark Hensler
08 Nov 2001, 07:42
That's something that never made sense to me... Tell me if you can understand this.

People buy a glitchy Microsoft server. Whenever Microsoft comes out with a patch, they quickly download and install without any questions. After all, they're Microsoft, so they MUST know what they are doing, right?

People buy a stable and secure *nix server. A newer version comes out, and they drag their feet. Then when you ask them to install it, they claim that they haven't thoroughly tested this proven product, and tell you to install it on their system anyway. If they are so worried about security wholes in this new technology, why have their clients install copies on their system?

IMHO, they are just lazy bumbs without the knowledge or motivation to got the stuff put in. After all, how old is 4.0.2? What have they been doing all this time?! If you know what your doing, it doesn't take that long to upgrade a software package such as PHP. I've had a unix guru co-worker recompile Apache/PHP several times to add various stuff. He's always gotten the stuff squared away in 10-15 minutes. They should all be dragged out from behind their plasma flat screen pannels and shot.