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09 Nov 2001, 02:28
I am very disappointed in the lack of support on this board. :(

I am a former UBB user, and the support on the UBBDev site was 10 times better than here.

I love VB, do not get me wrong. And I do understand that the people writing these hacks just do it for fun in their spare time.

However, if you're going to dedicate a site to VB hacking, you should at least try and ensure that either the writers of the hacks, or the mods are giving some decent support.

Otherwise, what's the point? :confused:

that's my $.02

09 Nov 2001, 02:47
I'm not so sure... I haven't been here long enough to really notice the support levels, but from a general standpoint, why should you be expecting support here? This is the hacking site, not the vB support site. Use vBulletin.com for vB support, don't expect the same level of support here, IMO.

09 Nov 2001, 02:54
I guess you did not read my post very well.

Mark Hensler
09 Nov 2001, 03:01
From my standpoint, hacks are released "as is" with no support.

You get what you paid for.... You bought vB, not the hacks that people made. If you want support, pay the man or shut up and be patient. :stupid: Like you said, they are doing this out of their free time.

I find it amazing how some people can complain about poor support for freeware. :rolleyes:

09 Nov 2001, 03:21
Originally posted by Mark Hensler
I find it amazing how some people can complain about poor support for freeware. :rolleyes: Yes, that is rather silly. Plus, people are receiving support for the freeware.

09 Nov 2001, 03:24
*cream pie and a kick in teh butt*


09 Nov 2001, 03:44
hmmm...this forum is called Site Feedback.

that's what I was giving, my feedback on the site.

Sorry it was not very positive.

Some people would call it constructive criticism, which helps people improve things.

Freddie Bingham
09 Nov 2001, 05:29
I think the situation is twisted and you need to look at it this way:

Infopop seems to rarely listen to it's users in regards to features. The hacking community has to support itself if anything worthwhile is going to continue as they don't incorporate hacks.

Jelsoft on the other hand listens to requests and you actually see the changes often made and because of this you are not going to see the same level of fervent hacking that you see on ubbdev.com

Some people enjoy the situation created by infopop's atitude towards suggestions. It becomes a situation where the users say "infopop isn't going to listen to us so we have to band together and make what we want ubb to be".

09 Nov 2001, 15:13
Yes, that is true.

That's why I switched to VB! :)

Mr. X
12 Nov 2001, 01:05
When I was a UBB user, I went to UBBDev alot, and from my experience, I had virtually NO support. I posted and posted, but no aid came my way. This site on the other hand, I've gotten terrific support.

12 Nov 2001, 11:42
I have about the same experience as Mr.X. However, I don't really care for real support on hacks here. If I have a question I post it. If no answer, well, I try another way.
It will probably get better the more user are around here. May another user of the hack had the same problem and solved it.