View Full Version : Older Software Imports via Impex

03 Oct 2016, 22:50
If you're running older software such as phpBB3 or similar i.e. Invision Power Board 3 or SMF the best route to take with Impex is as follows:

Impex (import) from phpBB/IPB3 (your current software) into vBulletin 3.
Do Impex cleanup, run maintenance tools to correct counters etc.
After you test that everything is working properly in vBulletin 3, then prepare to upgrade to vBulletin 4.
Run a backup of files and database (if anything goes wrong you then can restore back to after a successful import).
Upgrade from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4 OR vBulletin 5 whichever is your desired version of vBulletin to run.

By following this method, you should not run into issues during and after your import (or in the least, less issues).

Please Note:

The reasoning behind this: vBulletin 3 is similar to older software and Impex maintenance from that era was more in-depth and involved, with less issues coming from phpBB3 to vBulletin 3 versus phpBB3 to vBulletin 5 respectively.
If you wish to run vBulletin 4 you need to impex into vB3 then upgrade to vB4 / If you wish to run vBulletin 5 you need to impex into vB3 then upgrade to vB5.
If you purchased a vB4 license long ago or more recently purchased a vB5 license you can instead install and run vB3 or vB4 instead of vB5 but only one at a time i.e. you can't have vB4 and vB5 running at the same time respectively as that would violate the license agreement (*Excluding one test site).