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17 Mar 2018, 21:25
It adds breadcrumbs in the footer this is my first mod the coding may not look pretty but it works it was created using Vb 5.4.0 but may work on earlier versions.
Let me know if it works on earlier version
Updated too next version
added a few tweaks to the product

Regards Willie
Thanks to Joe for his excellent tutorial on Vb.com and original author of the template modification

18 Mar 2018, 09:23

great to see some people start making add-ons.
There is something really important missing in your add-on because you don't set a template-hook.

I had created this add-on and you could download it for free at: vbulletin-forum.de (https://vbulletin-forum.de/forum/anpassungen-module-und-erweiterungen/individuelle-module/195-breadcrumbs-auch-im-footer-bereich)

You need to register and introduce yourself (or at least 1 post) to download files.

18 Mar 2018, 23:50
it has been updated it now has the hooks also a few tweaks displays breadcrumb in button

19 Mar 2018, 00:41
The way you did it is not efficient!
You should delete the style tags and insert it in your first template with extracss template-syntax.

Edit: There are also stylevars for breadcrumb. So why don't let the user/admin choose the style of the crumbs? ;-)