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24 Nov 2001, 21:35
Hehe I really want to post this in the general forum where some one has a chance to see it. Not to many people post/read the php forum but I'll give it a try :)

lets say I want to add this php....

$testing123=" This is a test ";

Now I want to call $testing123 up in the postbit template.

what file would I put $testing123=" This is a test "; so the postbit template would show the "This is a test" where i put $testing123

This will help me figure out how to put in an extra db query so i can display that information in the postbit template.

Thanks again for you help :)

24 Nov 2001, 21:50
found the answer to my question when looking at some of the code of that hacks that change things in postbit :)

its functions.php in the admin folder!


26 Nov 2001, 00:06
There is an easier method.

put $testing123 = "blah"; in PHPINCLUDE template

then you can put $testing123 in postbit :)

13 Mar 2002, 05:15
this does not appear to be working for me and i don't know why, i have been trying for hours.

13 Mar 2002, 08:05
What are you trying to do, and how have you done it?(or tried to do it?)