View Full Version : someone with php/mysq knowledge please read this [need help]

25 Nov 2001, 06:31
hi, i know this should be on the vbportals forums, it is, but no one has answered it, and ive just sent out through the night 150 new e-mails to my offline customers for them to go and see my site and at the moment its half missing :( so im starting to panick..

i just installed waJones latest release pr8

and the following happend:

i installed the updates now my right hand column has dissapeared along with all my news contents from the centre block

and at the bottom im getting an error:

Database error in vBulletin 2.2.0:

Invalid SQL: SELECT thread.*, CASE WHEN icon.iconpath IS NULL THEN '' ELSE icon.iconpath END as icon FROM thread LEFT OUTER JOIN icon ON icon.iconid=thread.iconid WHERE forumid=3 ORDER BY sticky DESC,dateline DESC LIMIT 5
mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'icon.iconpath IS NULL THEN '' ELSE icon.iconpath END as icon FROM thread LEFT OU' at line 1

mysql error number: 1064

Date: Sunday 25th of November 2001 06:17:53 AM
Script: http://www.golden-springs.com/forums/index.php?s=
Referer: http://www.golden-springs.com/index.php?s=

please anyone with any ideas let me know


25 Nov 2001, 11:12
um. i went to your site and i am not receiving this error..

25 Nov 2001, 11:17
verry sorry m8, i should of updated this thread, i re-installed all the old activetopics.php files and got it up and running again, but im missing my icons on the active topics table as well as the centre table, and when i click on the propperties of missing images it only has my root folder, with no name as to what the .gif is, and now /images folder ?

Any idea what file i would need to edit to re-instate the path for these icons as i cant find anywhere in my admin cp to set up these icons ?

once again i appologise for wasting your time earlier