View Full Version : Why usermarkup works not on both places?

05 Nov 2018, 17:32
Will attach picture better explanation

one user have markup username and another in game_block =not?

05 Nov 2018, 22:44
I now did this for v2.7.6+

If you can't want, try this (and please tell me if this is what you wanted):

open /arcade/modules/arcade_playgame.php

search for
$DB->query("SELECT champ_name AS name,champ_score AS score FROM ibf_games_champs WHERE champ_gid=".$id);
$top = $DB->fetch_row();

REPLACE this with:

$DB->query("SELECT c.champ_name AS name, c.champ_score AS score, g.opentag AS prefix, g.closetag AS suffix
FROM ibf_games_champs AS c
LEFT JOIN ibf_members AS m ON (m.userid=c.champ_mid)
LEFT JOIN ibf_groups AS g ON (g.g_id=m.usergroupid)
WHERE c.champ_gid=".$id);
$top = $DB->fetch_row();
$top['name'] = $top['prefix'] . $top['name'] . $top['suffix'];

05 Nov 2018, 23:00
Now usergame in game block is gone ...and score is 0

put back old code

on image above your see "lozana" username is black - no markup and my username - down is markup ...

05 Nov 2018, 23:06
Yes I do understand what you mean :)

Try to replace /arcade/modules/arcade_playgame.php with the attached file only for ibProArcade v2.7.5+

This is working fine in my development-forum (v2.7.6+) :cool:

05 Nov 2018, 23:12
Yesssssssss now is fine both usernames have markup -

attach picture


05 Nov 2018, 23:17
will be included in v2.7.6+