View Full Version : Need to categorize hacks by version of vbulletin

26 Nov 2001, 09:31
Is it possible to categorize hacks accroding to the version of vb they are for?

And just have hacks for that version be posted in their appropriate forums?

26 Nov 2001, 12:30
We won't have forums for each version of vBulletin, I don't see any real need.

I'll try to add an option to sort hacks by that version though, we'll see. :)

29 Nov 2001, 05:48
We may have that need due to v2 and Jupiter, for those that don't upgrade, or while it's in beta...

29 Nov 2001, 13:54
Probably then, yeah. :)

Dark Blaze
02 Dec 2001, 09:10
So, when will we see this idea turn into a reality?

/me is feeling excited :D

28 Feb 2002, 17:46
Is this hack available? I'm assuming that this is the hack that is used in the hacks forum.