View Full Version : Major Additions - ibProArcade HTML5 Version?

30 Oct 2020, 23:03
So, it's quite apparent that there really isn't much going forward here. Last revision was 2018 (Thank you, by the way) and even support posts are dwindling.

With Flash finally on it's way out at the end of the year, I was wondering if there were any plans to move ibProArcade to an HTML5 version. There are other arcades out there, but I've used ibProArcade for nearly a decade and have always enjoyed how well it worked. I tend to be brand loyal and really have no interest in jumping ship unless it's absolutely necessary.

Anyway, I hope there is something in the works. If not? Well, I'll guess it's been a great ride.

Take care and God bless.

15 Nov 2020, 13:06
The HTML5 mod is still in the works.

Everything works fine, I`m just working on some new features. ;)

If you would like to play HTML5 games with ibproarcade or v3arcade, visit my site.

20 Dec 2020, 10:08
Is this likely to be released before the end of the year?