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01 Dec 2001, 06:36
hey guys!!

i make this code when user write registe form than they can

input their's msn message account!!but the last part i no idea

how to do??so~~can somebody help me finish it~~~!!

02 Dec 2001, 05:42
any idea with my attchment file~~~

:confused: :confused:

04 Dec 2001, 04:16
this hack have a little problem~~~~

that is when u insert number it can show up

but we know msn message must insert ur mail

when u input mail than it cann't show up~~

and i don't know how to fix it??hope somebody can fix!!

05 Dec 2001, 02:47
i will take a look

04 Jan 2002, 19:25
howz it going? :D

04 Jan 2002, 19:37
:( :( :(

in fact i have no idea with this

it still can't work~~ :confused: :confused:

it confuse me a long time hope someone can sovle this problem