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01 Dec 2001, 16:02
I am sorry, but this is getting worse every day. Can either

a) the board be configured so that non-licensed members can not post. If you wish to keep some forum open for non license holders, such as PHP help or MYSQL help, then DELETE off topic hacking requests posted by non license holders and answer any general questions without bugging about the license.


b) quit asking for the license info on the board. If they have the right to post here, they should have the right to have their questions answered. Conversely, if you don't want to answer their questions, they shouldn't be able to post here.


c) set up a separate forum viewable only to the unauthorized users, and MOVE the posts regarding those issues - "why can't I download hacks?", "I have no money can somebody hook me up?", etc. into that forum. Solve those types of issues out of the way of the legitimate hacking community.

This place is overrun with posts of that nature, and it is detracting from the real purpose of this board. I want to be able to know that I am working with legitimate owners of VBulletin, or their authorized representatives. That's who this board is supposed to be here for.


02 Dec 2001, 08:32
The majority of the board is set up so that only licensed users can post/download hacks, but some forums have been left open. If it is in one of the code hacking forums, then I believe you can be certain the person is licensed/trusted.

I will check up on which forums this applies to.

02 Dec 2001, 12:43
Originally posted by JamesUS
I will check up on which forums this applies to.

Full Releases
Beta Hacks
Older Hacks
Hacking Hints and Tips

As you can see, all hacking boards, except for General Discussion and PHP.
The first is open for future-buyers to come and see how things go, ask questions, etc.
I realize pirates use that forum for requesting hacks, but there's nothing we can do about it. If it happens, we either move the threads to their appropriate forum and ask the user to enter their username in that bloody form.
PHP is obviously open for the public because it doesn't have to be connected with vBulletin, and again if someone is aksing there a hacking question we do the same.

With all honesty I must disagree that "This place is overrun with posts of that nature".
It's by far better than how it was on vBulletin.com, where everyone could post everywhere (in that time).
We all know this is not perfect, but trust me it's the best we could come up with. We hate asking people for license just as much as you hate reading it, obviously.

You have a point in your B) argument, it's true that if they can post there we can't ask them to do something before they can ask questions there.
Still, we want that board open for newcomers and for people who plan on buying vBulletin and want some more info about the hacking scene.

We can always open a forum just for that purpose, only for pre-sales questions. But that's hardly not a decision I can make on my own.
And just like people now post in the MySQL forum on vBulletin.com asking vBulletin questions (because they can't do it in the right forum), I guarantee that the same will (and does) happen here.
We can't close the forum 100% for only licensed users, that won't be smart. We can do our best, and that's what we are always doing.

I hope this post isn't as long as it appears to be in this textarea. :)

02 Dec 2001, 20:02
Well Said Firefly, *Applaudes* :D

Scott MacVicar
02 Dec 2001, 22:03
you all posted really long messages and now i feel obliged to do so.

The only way I see to solve this issue is letting liscenced users see if people are liscenced. If we let guests see it then they would know who to pester to try and get hacks and or a copy of vBulletin, though they would probably have a problem finding out how to contact them since the contact information was removed.

Showing if users are liscenced may help people who write hacks or who are helping other people with support, but this could simply encourage more people to ask people to enter liscence information. Now would we have the right to do this, thats the people who are not employed by Jelsoft?

If FireFly is consider letting us see if a user is liscenced he will have to ask John. Personally I think letting us see if users are liscenced is pointless. They won't be able to post for help anyway and they won't be able to get your contact information so there is no way in which they should be able to contact you to request support.

If i have contridicted myself in any part of this message then ignore me :stupid:, ain't feelin 100% at the moment.

02 Dec 2001, 23:02
Chen, I honestly didn't mean to offend you, and would have sent you this via PM instead of posting it on the board; however, your PM's were disabled the last time I looked, as were John's.

On any given day, I trip over up to 5 posts of the type that I described in the Hacks General Discussion forum. I no longer go to the lounge daily because the last time I was in there, about 1/5 of the posts were people trying to figure out why they weren't allowed to download attachments.

I fully understand that John is not going to let you let us see who is and who isn't registered and authorized to be here. Honestly, I could care less if I know who is supposed to be here or not.

Perhaps one solution would be not allowing people to register on this board and get a username until their info is properly filled out. Allow guests to post in the forums that you mentioned earlier, and then we can safely ignore the hell out of the guests and let the moderators deal with them.


03 Dec 2001, 12:10
Amy, I know you didn't mean to offend anyone, and I didn't think so for a moment. :)

If only 5 out of 200+ new posts per day are mods asking for license info, we are in really good shape.
My main guideline for the members would be:
Only answer questions when they are posted in the appropriate forums.
Pirates will often try to post on open forums to get attention there. If that's the case, trust me one of the moderators will soon find it and either close the thread or remove it.

PPN, members will not be able to see who is licensed and who is not, and there's no room for discussion on that point.
This was decided a long time ago, and the answer is final. (at least currently :))
I would also like to let people see who has entered their name in the form and not, but there are issues of privacy here that I won't go into.

Allowing guests to post will only make the chaos bigger, so I can safely rule out that option.

I know that in the first week or so a lot of users, including pirates, were very confused regarding how to download hacks or post requests and such.
But I do think the amount of these posts has dramtically dropped.
Instead, I get about 20 e-mails per day only from people who "can't activate my account". I have to deal with each and every one of them, and it's not fun.

Do you really find ignoring 5-10 per day hard? :)

Dark Blaze
03 Dec 2001, 17:24
Nice post Chen, very informative :)