View Full Version : My 100th Post

Dark Blaze
05 Dec 2001, 05:36
W00h00, I have just posted my 100th posts and will dedicate my 100 posts to vB.org and my 101 post to "The Lounge" :)

I hope you all like me in the future and think of my posts as useful as I think they are when I post them :)

Have a nice day,

05 Dec 2001, 09:19
You are faster then me ;)

Dark Blaze
05 Dec 2001, 20:16
Originally posted by Lesane
You are faster then me ;)

Thanks Lesane, and thanks for the comment too :)

Hmm, your comment describes my nickname, heh ;)

09 Dec 2001, 00:49
posting is fun....

Dark Blaze
09 Dec 2001, 06:49
Yes it is, especially when you post to help others :)