View Full Version : Classifieds/services forum?

10 Dec 2001, 23:29
First - great site, great forums. vBulletin.com did not convince me to opt for vB, vBulletin.org did.

One addition I'd like to see is an area/forum for users to post ads for services they offer related to vBulletin, i.e., graphic sets, customization, maintenance, etc., or services they need.

Maybe some things would tread too close to the toes of vb.com, such as installation, which they offer, though others should be free to compete on that, imho. Most offerings would have no overlap, though.

11 Dec 2001, 06:32
Thanks for the kind words. :)

We will keep this in mind, but our main goal is to keep this community as sharing and free as possible. (although I also think major hacks can be commercialized (see vbPortal), most here don't). :)

11 Dec 2001, 08:08
Fair enough.

Just so I'm clear, though, I wasn't so much thinking about hacks for sale, per se. That's been offered here before and probably doesn't merit a section of it's own. Better for it to grow organically out of the discussion, like the Karma/Overgrow thread (apology for the extended pun).

I was thinking more along the lines of people who might offer installs, customizations, site administration, even vb-friendly hosting. Things of a service nature that can't be exchanged by the written word (or are impractical to distribute that way). Most people here seem to be get-your-hands-dirty coders who do these things themselves, but there must be many - myself often included - who find their way here looking for support and who would prefer to pay someone else to get under the hood.

Still, I understand your point. Any effort to fend of the beast of commercialization has my support.