View Full Version : Will pay someone to setup IRC on my FreeBSD server

11 Dec 2001, 07:01
Hello everyone,

I cannot figure out the config file for IRC on my FreeBSD server and would gladly pay someone familiar with the config and setup of an IRC server on FreeBSD.

If you would please respond here. Thank you.

Scott MacVicar
11 Dec 2001, 07:26
do you have one in particular and have you picked out any of the IRC servers for it.

If not I can make soem suggestions based on the specs of the server.

13 Dec 2001, 09:23
Give me a shout at martz@utassault.net - or let me know on this thread.

I've administrated IRC daemons for around 7 years now, and run irc.utassault.net linked with the worldassault.com network.

FreeBSD usually requires a few defines when compiling to get it working - I won't charge, or charge much, as its a pretty simple thing to do (hopefully!).


13 Dec 2001, 23:27
Hello Martz,

My name is Jim Murray. I run PaintballCity.com at www.paintballcity.com

I was to install IRC on my FreeBSD 4.2 web server. Currently we had
problems with the config file.

The chat room needs to remain private if possible. I also want to
install PHP Egg I think it was so that I can tell users how many people
are in my chat room from the forum page.

Can you please contact me on AIM at "VirtueTek" so we can discuss this

Thank you.

18 Dec 2001, 04:18

18 Dec 2001, 08:02
I remember when i was a mod over at #paintball on efnet... ahh the good old days... heh

19 Dec 2001, 03:27
I'm an op there now, small world :)

Btw Jim, what IRCD are you running?


19 Dec 2001, 03:35
Hello Mike,

I can't believe your going to help me. You've always been like anti Jim Murray/PBC.

I'm not sure off hand I know the file is ircd.8.gz

It was installed via port on our FreeBSD server